Buying A Bicycle Helmet for Your Kid

Kids love to ride their own bicycles and enjoy the air that passes them when they ride their kiddie bike. Parents would be proud to see their kid happy and learning how to use a bike to go faster. Kiddie bikes make kids more energetic and more playful when they ride one. Kids would be able to benefit from it since riding their kiddie bikes would be able to increase their stamina and maintain a healthy life. Parents should put in mind that if there are enjoyments for a kid when riding one, there are also times that the kid could end up falling down the bike he or she rides. In order to prevent the disaster that might happen to your child, you should buy a kiddie bicycle helmet to protect your child's head. Here are some tips in buying a bicycle helmet for your kid.

The head is the most important part of the body. There are chances that when a kid rides his kiddie bike, he or she would fall down and hit his or her head. You should take caution and buy the needed safety equipment for your kid. Since the head is the most important part of the body, you should buy the helmet first before other safety equipment.

When you are choosing a bicycle helmet for your kid, you should buy a helmet that is the correct size that would fit the head of your kid. When you buy the helmet make sure that the helmet protects his head. Also, you should ensure that the helmet that you have bought complies with the standard set by the authority of the place where you're bought it. This is to make sure that the helmet functions properly. When an accident happens, the helmet will protect the kids head.

There are many helmets to choose from. So choose the helmet that is specifically designed for bicycle riding. Don't choose other helmets because they have been made for other specific sports. So, no matter what the cost, choose a kiddie bicycle helmet for kiddie bicycles and other helmets for other specific sports to prevent accidents. Wrong helmets may result in an injury or the helmet will not be enough to protect the kids head.

There are two types of bicycle helmets, the soft shell and the hard shell. The soft shell absorbs the shock and has an impact resistance when your kid accidentally falls from his or her kiddie bike. The problem about soft shell is that it can't protect the kid from sharp objects. The hard shell protects the kids head by repelling sharp objects when the kid falls and hits a sharp object on the head but the problem about the hard shell is that it is heavy and uncomfortable to a kid.

When you buy a helmet for your kid, make sure that you don't forget to list down a helmet that can be adjusted according to the head of the kid. It is best to choose an adjustable helmet because these helmets can still fit the kid when the kid slightly grows up. You will be able to adjust the helmet to the right head size of your kid.

With the right helmet for your kid, you will be able to sit down and relax knowing that your kid is safe. It doesn't hurt to keep your kids safe, so let them wear the bicycle helmet.

The Role of Parents and Agents in a Kids Modeling Career

The kids modeling career is just as challenging and rewarding as any modeling career. The kids need their parents' and agent's support in order to make it in the industry. A child is not someone mature enough to work alone and if you let them be alone in the industry, the probability of him/her being exploited is very high. As a parent, even if you decide to hire a manager for your kids, you still have to be involved in the kids modeling career.

As a parent, some of the ways that you can support your kids modeling career is by offering them financial and emotional support. You will need to support them financially by paying for a professional photo shoot. If you don't have the money to hire a photographer, you can take the snapshots of your kid. These photos will be submitted to the modeling agencies. You will incur extra costs of mailing the applications to the agencies or visiting them in person. However, the cost of getting your kids a modeling career is not so much, genuine agencies will not charge you anything if they decide to represent your kid. Agents make their money by charging you a commission per every job that your kid books through the agency.

When it comes to emotional support, parents/guardians have to be very involved in the kids modeling career. You need to discuss with your spouse before you let your kid get into the modeling career. Ensure that your schedule is flexible enough to allow you to be there with your kid when they are working. Kids need a lot of care, to ensure that your child is in a safe working environment, you have to be there. You can't take your child to an agency and then just leave them there. Also, just like in any career, your kid will have good and bad days. You have to be there to support and encourage them. Never be impatient with them when they fail to deliver good photos; for instance, instead of getting frustrated or yelling at them, just be supportive.

Kids modeling careers should be fun and something enjoyable for the kids. Ensure that your kid is interested in modeling before trying to get them in the industry. Some parents attempt to live out their dreams through their kids. Even if you yearn for stardom through your kid or for financial support from your kid's career, don't force them to do something that they aren't interested in.

Modeling agents have an equally big role to play in the kids modeling career. It's up to the agent to get the kid some audition, also in case of casting calls, the agent organizes for the kids to attend. The agents are there help the kid to book jobs. A good agent is one who will work with the parents to help the kid get far in the modeling industry. There are some agents, who just want to exploit the kid for their own personal gain, parents should be very cautious when getting agents. They have to ensure that they only work with genuine agents who will support their children in their kids modeling career.

24 Best Ways To Raise Kids - Version 6.0

To Be Friends Or Not To Be Friends.
The best secret to raising children isn't what to do, but what not to do. Do not act like their friend. You can be loving, you can be caring, but you are not their "friend, " per se! You are an authority figure, and you must remain thus! Many parents make the mistake of treating their children as if they're friends, which leads to confusion in the child's mind when situations call for discipline. Stay the authoritarian but always exercise law with mercy.

Discipline Is The Cornerstone Of Love And Protection.
It is important that kids are raised with discipline and that they understand that discipline is a parent's way of showing them that they are loved and deserve to be protected from harm.

Spend Extra Time With Your Kids.
The best way to raise kids is to make sure that you spend time with them. This does not mean you have to be their best friend, but just share in their activities. The child will thank you when they are older.

At The End Of The Day You Are Still The Hero.
When raising kids, remember that no mater how mad they are at you, you are your kids' hero. Act as you would like them to act and do not argue in front of them. Give them a wonderful wold to live in, just like you wanted to

Get Down And Dirty.
Let your children explore and get dirty. They have to find out for themselves that mud is cool and messy.

Use Music To Soothe and Satisfy.
Expose your baby to music early. Then you can use music for every occasion. It could be used from anything from helping sooth to having a dance party.

Kids Are 'Little' People Too.
One of my secrets to raising kids is that I have to remember that they are people too. They are different then me, and not as experienced as me. It is my job to teach them as people.

When Parents Are Happy Everybody Is Happy.
I have a five and seven year old daughters who while they are the light of my life, are a ton of work. I was told by my doctor that the best way to make sure that your kids are happy is to make sure that you are happy. So you need to take time for yourself everyday, even if it seems impossible and even if it is only a few minutes. When you are happy and have energy you will have more love and energy to devote to your children and that will help them everyday.

Hands On That's The Ticket.
Let them do something hands on. They will love it, and it is proven that kids learn from hands on activities better than other activities. Make it educational too!

Offer High Praise When Children Obey Rules.
The best way to raising kids is appreciating them when they do something as told in order to make sure they will do everything you say.

One-On-One Makes Kids Feel Special.
In my opinion, I think the most important part of raising well-behaved kids is spend one-on-one time with them doing things they enjoy. Every kid needs bonding time with their parents.

Keep Calm In Every Situation.
One thing that my wife and I have always stuck by is that we stay calm even when situations arise that make us angry/frustrated. If we stay calm our son stays calm to and it makes it easier to solve issues.

A 'No' Alternative.
I never actually say no to my child. I tell them what will happen if they do something and then ask if they still want to do it.

Be Attentive And Listen.
Children need to be raised disciplined and with a lot of love. Being attentive shows that you are listening to them and genuinely care about what theya re going through. Your child will feel comfortable talking to you about anything.

Volunteering Shows Kids How To Give Back.
A few times a year, but especially around the holidays, I take my kids someplace to volunteer. This can be at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter or, frequently, a nursing home. I aim to instill in them the pleasure of giving. I can see the result on Christmas morning: they are more delighted to give to each other than to receive.

Make Chores Fun.
I raise my two kids the same way I was raised by my grandma. Kids are full of life and energy and they need an outlet for all of it, so I make sure my kids get enough playtime. Playtime translates into happy kids which in turn translates into respectful kids. They say all play and no work makes Jack a mere toy, so the secret is to incorporate play time in even basic chores; kids in turn will not view chores as work, but rather an activity.

Eating Better Makes Kids Happier.
Well, I have to say that when I changed the way my family eats has affected every aspect of my children's life. About 5 years ago I switched to eating primarily whole organic foods and my children seem to be more alert, happy, sleep better and also seem to do better in school. This may sound weird to you but I'm telling you it has made a very big and positive difference in every aspect of raising them easier.

Mistakes Happen.
I think everyone has something from their past that they're worried might adversely affect how they raise their children. Once a parent realizes that this is a normal part of the human condition, I think it makes parenting easier because you accept that every parent can make mistakes.

Say What You'll Do And Do What You Say.
When my brother starts to act bad I take away something that I know will catch his attention. If I threaten to give his DS to our dog Sasha he does whatever I tell him to. If you say you are going to do something, you must do it.

Monetary Rewards.
I find by rewarding my 4 year old with money its a great way to keep him on the right track. I also take money away if he acts out. He loves being able to put money in his safe place.

Have Children Learn One Thing Each Day.
We've always insisted that once our children began school that they make it a point to learn one new thing each day. The kids loved the idea so much that they are now teaching their kids the same thing. Both girls have actually become teachers themselves.

Whisper Instead of Yelling.
When I want to yell, I lower my voice instead. The kids (I have 6!) have to lower their voices to hear me. The lower I speak, the angrier I am, and the quicker they jump to behave.

Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated.
In raising our children there is one thing I always try to remember, treat others as you wish to be treated. It really is that simple.

Kids Thrive On Interaction.
My secret is to remember that kids are kids, not little adults. Enjoy their imagination and use it when teaching them the right and wrong way to behave. Kids thrive on interaction. Get down and play with them!

Basketball Makes Your Kid Smart

Basketball is a sport that anyone could play; parents who love basketball can even teach their children how to play it. So, when it comes to basketball, children are the ones who will be fit to play it. Kids are energetic and always running. Another thing is that kids like to try things that are new to them so it is the right time to show your kids what basketball really is. You, the parent, can teach your kids the basics of basketball. When it is about basketball, the kids will learn how it really is played. Kids will be taken to their respective teams and will be able to recognize who their partners are and who their enemies are in the game.

When the kids start to learn basketball, the kids will be taught the importance of teamwork. Each of the children will be given instructions and taught how to play their part. When a coach teaches a kid properly, he or she will be able to develop necessary skills for basketball. When children start playing, he or she will be able know how his or her team plays. Children would be able to play better in the team as time passes.

When the kids start playing basketball their hand-eye coordination improves every time the kids play basketball. The hand-eye coordination means that the brain will work harder and the result the actions of the kid will work better. The kids skills when playing basketball improves when the kids brain power starts to work hard and makes the kid smarter with every move he or she takes. If the kids are getting smarter means that the kid is paying attention to what his or her coach says and adds a little help when he judgments his or her life. The analyzation of the kid will be enhanced when they are playing basketball.

A kid who doesn't play basketball yet tends to not listen to what his or her parents say. When a kid has been introduced to basketball, the child enhances his mind to believe what the elders say; it starts from his coach. When the kid does what the coach says to him or her, he or she would be able to do it immediately. After playing, the kid can go home and to your surprise your kid will believe what you say to him or her. This improves your kids mind and thinks that teams should work together and do things together. That is why that the kid does what you say because you are older than him or her and you know what is best for him or her.

Basketball will be able to aid in strengthening your kid's mind. Starting from the practice of doing basketball everyday, listening to the coaches teachings and sayings, your kid will pay attention with his or her teammates, tries to solve the math of basketball and playing in a team where he or she will increase his team playing skills to win the game.

Fat Kids

Fat Kids are a huge problem in many countries but it is rampant in the United States. Usually child obesity is a result of poor parenting. Parents who are obese themselves tend to have fat kids.

Kids health can be maintained by healthy eating habits and regular exercise, including weight lifting. Parents should really take interest in their kid's health by encouraging them to exercise. Usually, overweight parents also have overweight kids and this is a real shame.

Being overweight is not only unhealthy, but it will also negatively impact the kid's self esteem, confidence, and social life.

Healthy Lifestyle:
I strongly believe in leading a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising regularly. However, I did not have any good male influences when I was growing up so I did not discover the benefits of weightlifting and exercise till I was 23 years old. I really regret not starting a fitness regimen when I was a child. There are also parents who are not fat, but don't pay attention to their kid's diet. They give in to their kid's desire for junk food, spoiling and fattening their child at the same time.

Role Model:
You as parents should set a good role model for your kids by leading a fit lifestyle. Encouraging your kids to participate in weightlifting and cardiovascular exercises will only lead to benefits later in life.

Parents should be responsible and set a rule when it comes to junk food. Kids tend to have a really strong sweet tooth so it is really up to the parents to regulate the foods that they eat.

Do not worry about weightlifting stunting the growth of your child. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself lifted weights as a child and he stands over 6 feet tall today. Weight lifting builds muscles and strengthens the bones. You would rather have your kid to be known as the buff kid in school rather than a fat kid right? If you have a girl, weight training and exercise will allow her to remain in top shape through the rest of her life. Girls tend to have self image issues regarding their weight, especially in their teens. So developing a fit physique through weight training will help them feel great about themselves.

Imagine the level of confidence and self worth that your kids will have if they regularly weight lift, exercise, and eat healthy.

As great as weightlifting is it can be dangerous if it is done unsupervised. Make sure your kids do not workout by themselves. Always be there when they are in the weight room.

Good Parents:
Be a good parent and encourage your kids to feel great about themselves by showing them the wonders of exercise and weightlifting.

Learning about proper nutrition is crucial for preventing kids from getting fat. Parents should know that not all calories are the same. For example when shopping for breakfast cereal, parents should choose a cereal that is high in fiber, protein, and low in sugar.

What to Avoid:
Definitely avoid sugary cereals such as fruit loops, frosted flakes, and cinnamon toast. These types of overly sweet cereals have a huge impact on blood sugar levels and can cause obesity in the long run.

Junk Foods:
Pop tarts are also junk and should be avoided. It is made of pure sugar and refined carbohydrates. Instead, make your kids eat a nice sandwich made with multi-grain bread with natural peanut butter and jelly.

Peanut Butter:
Speaking of peanut butter, please avoid brands that have hydrogenated oils in them. These oils will wreak havoc on you and your kids arteries. Get natural peanut butter instead.

Meal time:
For lunch and dinner, make an effort not to feed your kids fast food such as Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco bell, etc. These fast foods are high in fat and have preservatives in them. Try to make a healthy homemade meal such as chicken breast served with rice and vegetables or even pasta.

Soda and sweets are also the cause of getting fat. Sodas contain a lot of sugar and corn syrup. If your kid does not want to give up soda, opt for diet soda instead. If your kid is addicted to sweets such as candy and chocolate, you must use a firm hand in breaking this bad habit.

Not only do these sweets contribute to weight gain, but they also cause cavities. Trips to the dentist are not fun so parents should makes sure that their kids don't develop a sweet tooth.

This is also a cause of child obesity or fat kids. Some kids like to overeat but parents should make an effort to break this habit. Even if it means taking drastic measures, parents should be responsible and prohibit kids from going to the fridge multiple times. Just by making simple changes in diet alone, you as parents can prevent fat kids.

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera and Waterproof Too!

All kids like to do what their parents do. So it's no surprise that they also want to click photographs when they see us doing the same. They love to take pictures of their friends, their surroundings, their pets and even their toys. As a parent the most difficult thing we face is saying no to our kids when they also want to use the camera for taking pictures. Don't worry! Now we all have a perfect solution to this problem. Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera is available in the market that is designed specially for all such budding photographers.

What makes this camera so special? Well, first of all since it is designed specially for kids, the manufacturers have kept in mind that it is ideal for rough handling too. We all know that kids are not always careful with their stuff. They are always up to breaking this thing and damaging that. This Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera is tough enough for all kids. It is built with a strong and durable, kid-tough design to give the camera a long life You don't have to keep a watchful eye on the kid when you give this camera to him/ her. Just relax, enjoy and let him/ her enjoy too. Another amazing feature of this camera is that it is waterproof. Yes, it's true! Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera is not only tough and sturdy but it is waterproof too! What more can you ask for? Now no more tension of giving lectures to your kid for keeping the camera away from water, just let the kid do what he/ she wants.

Here is a list of some other attractive features of the Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera.

o 1.6" colour LCD preview screen to make it possible for the kid to instantly see the pictures he/ she has clicked

o Big buttons for kids to use easily

o Two-eye viewing that is perfect for looking through the viewfinder

o Dual handgrips to make the shooting easy and steady

o Easy to follow controls even for small children

o Built-in auto flash

o Up to 60 picture storage capacity in the 8 MB built-in memory

o 1.3 interpolated Mega Pixels or 640 x 480 resolution for 4" x 6" prints

o USB cord to connect it to the computer

o Wrist strap for easy handling

o Compatible with Windows 2000 or higher and MacIntosh

o The size is approx. 5 1/2" W x 4" H.

With all these features, you must have realised that Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera is not just a toy. It is a dream come true for your kid. His/ her own personal camera! There are many creative children interested in photography but are unable to pursue this hobby because parents fear that they will spoil the expensive digital camera. The Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera is ideal for these kids too. Kids will not only learn about photography but they will also get some knowledge about the digital technology. Just let them explore and their results may pleasantly surprise you. Go ahead and get one for your kid too!

Less Worry, More Safety With Bike Helmets For Our Kids

Whenever our kids want to play outside our houses, we cannot help but worry about how safe the outdoor is. Let alone if our kids want to ride a bicycle around our backyard and street without hurting their selves. We always want assure the safety of our kids because as parents, we know it is important to protect our kids from harm. Good thing bike helmets for kids are also available to make us less worried about their safety.

But how can we really make sure that the helmets we choose are safe? How do we know if the helmets will really protect our kids? This is why we need to know how to choose helmets for our kids to have the safety protection we want and they need.

Before anything else, we should make sure that the helmet we choose passes the safety standard test provided by institutes such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and Snell Memorial Foundation. It is important to look for labels or stickers provided for helmets which mean the helmets have passed their safety standards.

After checking the safety standard of the helmets, we need to decide on what type of helmets we want our kids to have. There are generally two types of bike helmets for kids; the hard shell helmets and the soft shell helmets. The hard shell bike helmets are made of hard plastic or fiberglass which enfolds the polystyrene sheet.

Hard shell helmets are heavier and less comfortable for kids. The soft shell helmets have inner lining made of thick polystyrene. The soft shell helmets are lighter and more comfortable than hard shell helmets. It is better to choose which type suits our kids and which type they prefer.

It is also important to make sure that the bike helmets will fit well on our kids' heads. It is advisable to bring our kids when we are going to buy them bike helmets to allow us fit the helmets on their actual heads. The bike helmet should fit all around our kids' heads. The helmet should cover over half of our kids' forehead with a 1-inch space from their eyebrows. The helmet should not be too loose to move in any directions. The helmet should not also be too tight to cause pain on our kids' heads.

We should find helmets with chin straps to secure the helmets on our kids' heads. The one strap should go behind the ears and the other should be in front of the ears. The straps should be in the Y-form to ensure that they are in the right place. The chin straps should also be adjustable to properly fit the helmets in place.

We should also find bike helmets for our kids which are brightly colored. We can also let our kids choose the design they want. We may help our kids choose their bike helmets by suggesting colors similar to the colors of reflectors like orange, yellow, and yellow green. Not only kids want these kinds of bike helmets but they are also visible to other drivers and motorcyclists on the road.

After buying our kids the bike helmets they want, we should keep some important reminders about the bike helmets. We should not let our kids wear helmets when they are playing on playgrounds because the straps might strangle with the bars. We should regularly check our kids' helmets for breaks and damage.
If the helmets are damaged, we should immediately replace it with a new one. We should also replace helmets after crash or impact. If the helmets are not yet exposed to crash, we should replace them every 3-5 years. More importantly, we should remind our kids to always wear their helmets whenever they go out and ride their bikes.

Features of a Good Kid Chat

Your kids mean the world to you. You want to do all you can to protect them from this harsh world. There is so much you can do but, when it comes to chatting for kids, you can play a pivotal role to protect your kids. You have the power to determine a good kid chat and, it is up to you, to step up and take the responsibility. Kids are becoming exposed to things that did not exist 20 years ago and, you will be forgiven for thinking that you have to deal with so much. Chats are becoming increasingly popular among kids and, this is both good and bad. Since we cannot escape modernity, it is vital for you to look at some of the things that you can do as a parent, to make the process of chatting for kids a safe and pleasurable experience. It will all begin by having a good relationship with your kids. This is the only way to ensure that you get through to them. You do not have to become their best friend or become a dictator. Just be an assertive and responsible parent and, you will earn the respect of your kids. Respect is all that counts and, with this, you can trust your kids to follow instructions that might be helpful for them. The following is an overview of how a good kid chat should be like.

First, a good kid chat should be designed for kids. Some kids will go to chats that are meant for adults and this is something you need to be firm about. Chats for kids will mainly consist of kids and, they will have an opportunity to interact with other kids from all over the world. A good kid chat will provide helpful information to the children. In most cases, chats will have educational chats presented in a light and fun manner. The goal of a particular chat for kids should come out very clearly. You want your kids to explore the amazing difference that the world has to offer. As a parent, you want their minds to expand to accommodate other cultures as they get to learn the many differences. There are many chats for kids that have this similar goal. Of course, do not forget that another goal perhaps the most important is for kids to have fun or enjoy themselves. Good chats for kids will be simple to access and use.

A good kid chat will not have adult stuff in it. This is to say that the content needs to be appropriate for children. As an adult, you need to warn your kids from visiting chats that are not made for them. However, to remove the temptation, you can buy suitable software that will ban unsuitable chats in your computer. This way, you will rest assured that your kids are safe. Internet predators are mainly known to take advantage of children because of their naive nature. Therefore, it is essential that you brief your child on the dangers of being too friendly with strangers on the Internet. Before your kids go chatting, make sure that you are not in the dark. It is your responsibilities as a grown up to play your role in providing direction for the kids under your care.

Help of the Free Online Games in the Kid's Education

Choosing the appropriate website for kids is one of the most important tasks that the parents have to attempt. As we all know, there are several types of websites for kidz available on the internet for kids of different age groups. Choosing an inappropriate website for your kid may not help him out in any way. The main purpose of the websites for kids is to provide education along with entertainment. Most kids try to stay away from books and education, which they feel too much boring. These websites for kids have changed their view completely; nowadays kids feel a different attraction towards education just because of these websites. It is known to all that internet is the largest field of any sort of education or entertainment. It has human beings since a very long time in the field of education, business, communication, entertainment etc. and now the introduction of the kid's websites have contributed more to the human beings. Most parents nowadays choose any well known website for kids, so that the kids can spend their free time on these websites, learning something important. When the parents are not at home, the kids generally play around all the time; they seldom spend any time with their books.

Internet has helped human beings for a long time in several different cases and its latest contribution to us is the website for kids. These websites provide different types of quizzes, online games, different educational events, music for kids etc. Besides the educational purposes, the kid's websites also help in the personality development of the kids, help in boosting their mental sharpness etc. The free online games provided by these websites are the most talk-about items for the little bit grown up kids. Most parents have a misconception that the online games are of no good; they are waste of time and harm the kids. This is a completely wrong idea; most of the games provided by the website for kids help them in educational purpose and in several other ways. One of the best advantages of online games for kids are the unique combination of learn and fun together. There are several such musical games provided by these websites which help the growing kids to learn about composing music. Some websites also help in boosting the literature and grammatical skill of the young kids. Spelling mistake is the most common habit in every kid; these sites can help them to get rid of this problem.

Some of these websites for kids also provide certain mind games which help to boost the mathematical skill of the kids. These online games are very important and helpful. As told earlier, choosing the right type of game is the job of the parents. If you want to choose a website which provides such helpful free online games, you should keep certain things in mind. There are several websites which provide violent action games, these sites must be avoided. These games can create a negative effect on your kid's mind.

Where To Have Your Next Kids Birthday Party

The perfect kids birthday party location can vary widely depending on where you live and the type of party you are throwing. Here are our suggestions and ideas to help you throw the best kids party in the perfect location.

When picking a children's birthday party location take into account your theme, your child's favorite places and the predicted weather for the time of year you'll be throwing the party. In addition consider budget, accessibility for guests and any safety issues.

You can base your locale on a number of different criteria we've picked a few of our favorite kids birthday party locations.

Birthday Party Locations for a Summer Party

The Park - This is a great outdoor party location. Choose a park that will allow you to rent space. A park is a perfect place to have a rented ball pit or rented carnival games. Remember for a park party be sure the park provides park benches and tables for seating and food otherwise you will need to provide your own. Also, if you choose to barbeque as opposed to bringing ready made food then be sure the park has barbeque pits. And if they don't have bbq pits then you'll need to confirm barbqueing is allowed before bringing your own.

Amusement Park - The amusement park is a great party location, because there is so little for you to do. Most amusement parks will provide a party area with tables and benches. Often, they will provide the party food as well. And of course the rides and games are all the entertainment you need.

Zoo - Just like an amusement park the zoo will usually provide the party area and food. Often the zoo will also provide a tour for the kids.

Dude Ranch - If you have a Dude Ranch near you take advantage of it for your child's next party. This is lots of fun for the kids because they get to interact with the animals. For many kids this may be their first time on a horse or even petting a horse so this party is a special treat for them. And as an added bonus Dude ranches are set in a western theme and all kids love cowboys!

Kids Birthday Party Locations for a Winter Party

Roller Skating Rink, Ice Skating Rink or Bowling Alley - These are all great party locations anytime of the year but particularly in the winter when the kids can't be outdoors. Having a party at any of these locations makes the planning process simple for you, most rinks and bowling alleys are equipped for kids parties. They'll provide party areas and food or permit you to bring your own food. They'll also have special packages for kids parties so the kids can have a great time skating or bowling.

Gymnastics Center - Kids like nothing more than tumbling and flipping. Check out some local gymnastics centers and find out if they allow parties. Some may not provide food or decorations but they will provide all of the activities in the way of balance beams, uneven bars and mats for tumbling. They'll also provide a trainer to help the kids on the equipment. This type of party will keep the kids active the entire time and they'll go home pooped!

Karate Center - If your little one is into martial arts then throw a karate party. Many karate centers allow parties and provide a trainer to teach the kids some moves and do a few demonstrations.

Indoor Playground - Indoor playgrounds are extremely popular. These playgrounds seem to be popping up everywhere so there is certain to be several near you. Some popular playgrounds are Gymboree, Chucky Cheese and Jeepers.

Some Other Fun Kids Birthday Party Locations

Children's Museum - The popularity of these museums for kids has sky rocketed and they typically cater to kids parties. They'll provide party space but may or may not provide food. Either way you can't beat this location as the activities are all right there providing hours of fun for the kids.

Your Club House - We often forget about that club house our condo association fees pays for. If your house isn't large enough and if you have a Club House in your community take advantage of it. Yes, you'll have to bring in all the decorations and food but typically the space will be bigger and more open than at home. So don't forget to check it out next time you are throwing a party.

Bead Store - Search your area for a bead store that allows kids to design their own jewelry. Typically if they provide in-store activities for kids they will allow for parties. You'll be surprised how many beads stores have kid parties. Often you will have to provide the food and decorations, but they provide the space and activities!

Miniature Golf - Sometimes your local miniature golf course will provide party space for kids. I've even seen some that provide the food! If your little one likes golf check out your local miniature golf courses and let the kids putt around!

7 Kids Cooking Party Theme Ideas That Ensure Unforgettable Fun!

Have you ever noticed that a lot of kids birthday parties are centered more around the decorations and activities, and less on the actual theme and food? Yet, as we continue to experiment with our kids cooking party ideas, we are convinced that the food should be the main focus! Want to plan a party that is jam-packed with lots of fun? Try one of these kids cooking party themes.

Theme #1: Pizza Pizzazz Party!

What kid doesn't like pizza, especially if he gets to make his own. Ahead of time, prepare small bowls, each containing a different topping (i.e. pepperoni, cheese, onions, garlic, etc.) Have each kid make his own individual pizza! The kids will have fun rolling out the dough and choosing toppings. As an appetizer, you could serve a veggie pizza. For dessert, how about a fruit pizza with a chocolate chip cookie crust?

Theme #2: Chillin' Ice Cream Party!

Regardless of the season, ice cream is always a big hit--My son would eat it every day if I would let him. During the colder months, have the kids fix their own ice cream sundaes. Provide a variety of ice creams and toppings, and don't forget the bananas and cherries. Have the kids be creative in making and naming their sundae creations. Provide a prize for the best sundae. During the warmer months, go outdoors and make ice cream. Use a recipe for a basic vanilla ice cream and have lots of yummy ingredients that can be added (i.e. strawberries, nuts, pineapple, caramel).

Have some outdoor games planned too--water balloons, a small swimming pool and a sprinkler are great for keeping the kids occupied while everyone takes turns monitoring the ice cream's hardening progress. Oh yeah, be sure to take lost of pictures.

Theme #3: Sweet Attitude Party!

Mmmm....cookies and muffins--some of our favorite kids party foods and super simple to do. For the muffins, mix up the batter ahead of time. Give each kid six cupcake paper liners of the same color. Use a different color for each guest. Provide a bunch of fun choices to be added to the batter (i.e. blueberries, raisins, chocolate, etc.).

Sugar cookies are a great option as well and kids love making 'em. They get to help roll out the dough and then select their cookie cutters. Make sure to have lots of different color icings, sprinkles and tiny candies to decorate with so the kids can personalize their creations.

Also, be sure to have some healthy snacks available so sugar overload is kept to a minimum. Encourage the kids to eat one or two of their creations and to take the rest home.

Theme #4: Summer Sensation Party!

Summer is a great time for a party, especially for our fish theme party! Besides having cool fish invitations and decorations, think fish food--well, fish-shaped at least. You can serve fish crackers, fish-shaped chicken, cookies shaped as fish, and a cake that looks like a fish tank with lots of fish swimming around. You and your guests can also whip up some of your very own baked fish sticks with a side of watermelon salad. For a fun drink, make ice cubes with a sweedish fish frozen in the center of each cube and serve with blueberry punch mixed with ginger ale to create the perfect blue water for your fish.

Theme #5: Super Star Sleepover!

One of my daughter's favorite kids cooking party theme ideas is girls' movie night. Invite a few girlfriends over dressed as their favorite movie star or TV character. If possible, have a red carpet square, and take a photo of each "star" striking their favorite pose. Since popcorn is a must for movies, have the girls make a variety of popcorn toppings (i.e. chocolate, cheddar, garlic and herb). You and your guests can also put your own star-worthy assortment of hors d'oeuvres to ensure decadent snacking during the viewing. To give you party an out-of -this-world feel, purchase glow in the dark star stickers and adhere the stickers to cardboard and hang them from the ceiling--you're little stars will love it!

Of course every star will need to receive a special party favor. Purchase gift bags that are in the shape of pocketbooks and personalized the bags by writing names with glitter glue. Fill each pocketbook with cool super star sunglasses, a boa, hand mirror, a necklace, gold chocolate coins and fake make-up. The girls will remember this star treatment for a long time.

Theme #6: Princess Tea Party!

Awww! Every little girl loves dressing up and pretending to be like mom! Encourage the girls to bring "dress up" clothes for the tea party--boas, high heels, jewelry, hats, and gloves--and have some extra items on hand for anyone to borrow. Plan a tea party menu your guests can help prepare, like petite sandwiches and a fun punch for tea. Once the food is ready, let the guests get dressed-up before they partake of their scrumptious treats. You can even have some demonstrations on how to: use a napkin properly, hold a tea cup, and sit upright. They'll love it!

Theme #7: Enchanted Evening Event!

Kids enjoy having the opportunity to do kind things for other people--why not reach out to your elderly neighbors who live alone? Invite a couple of neighborhood kids over for a pre-planning session to determine who should receive invitations and what the meal will be. Also, have the kids write questions that they would like to know about their neighbors (i.e. What did you do for fun at my age?) You might want ask the kids to go grocery shopping with you. On the day of the special event, have the kids arrive early to fix the meal. Make sure kids are given assignments that are appropriate for their age or skills. As the dinner is cooking, the kids can set the table with good china, cloth napkins, candles, etc. The kids then should change into nice clothes. As the elderly guests arrive, the kids can greet, seat and serve them. When dessert time rolls around, the kids can ask their questions. This evening will be of encouragement to young and old alike.

So which theme do you think you'll start with? Ice cream? Summer fun? Don't forget to make the event extra special with the perfect kids party favor for each guest, decorations that make the room sparkle and fun games to keep everyone having fun. It's bound to be an unforgettable event!

Protecting Kids Online

Careless Internet wandering, by adult or child, is dangerous. The news is full of stories about people who meet online and then have real life encounters with scary or deadly results. This is an extreme situation, most kids are cautious enough to know they should not meet with strangers. Nevertheless, there are other dangers such as your kids being exposed to explicit pornography, violent images or gore, extremist web pages, sexual solicitation, identify theft, malicious content or just simply distraction from what they should be doing, like homework.

Certainly, the Internet is a great resource that puts volumes of valuable knowledge at our fingertips. The Internet helps keep friends and family in touch and provides entertainment and education. Everyday more information and services are going online, so web safety is a subject parents must address.


In order to better formulate Internet guidelines for your children, you need to know the dangers. Here are a few hazards to think about before you talk with your kids.


Pornography is easily available online, not only through paid sources but also through pop–ups, unsolicited email, file sharing and search engines. Many sites are landed on accidentally, through misspelled search words or expired domain names. If parents visit these sites, cookies, temporary Internet files or other data is saved onto the computer, which makes it even easier for kids to reach these sites. Teens and preteens may even seek out these sites out of curiosity and end up viewing explicit and sometimes degrading or violent sexual images or video.


Through chat, newsgroups, MySpace, forums, games or email, minors are often approached for sexual contact, nude pictures, web cam video or sexually explicit conversations. Just visit nearly any open chat conversation and you will soon be solicited or asked sexual questions. This even occurs in supposedly kid–friendly rooms.


Sexual predators may seek out possible sexual contact or exploitation through the Internet. Often they create a user profile that hides who they really are and instigate casual chat conversations to gain the kid's trust. They gradually begin the process of isolating the child, manipulating their self–esteem, enticing them to challenge their boundaries and slowly increase their conversations to sexual topics. They often share pornographic material and may even send things to the child’s home.


Anything can be found online, including violent images, images of corpses, physical abuse, war scenes, executions, animal cruelty, criminal or gang activity and rape. It is unfortunate that people want to share these types of images with the world, but they are out there, and it is a dangerous avenue for your children to explore.


Sometimes kids are harassed or intimidated online from people they know or through online games. These types of game bullies are often called griefers.

Extremist Pages

As mentioned, everything is online, including extremist and hate based groups. This includes groups that target gender, minorities, sexual preference, religious or cultural groups and so on. These sites often encourage hate, violence or harassment and may contain derogatory references, cartoon depictions, violent images or harsh language often not filtered out by filtering software.

Computer Viruses, Adware, Spyware

These are harmful to your computer and can be delivered unknowingly through emails, pop–up ads, screen savers or other downloads. If kids are not taught to be Internet savvy, they may download a fun, harmless looking game that sneaks in malicious content to your hard drive. These tiny programs may relate your personal information, monitor how you use the Internet or actually cause damage to your system.

Identity Theft

Kid's identity can be stolen and used. Additionally, if your hard drive is accessed, your information can be stolen, shared and used.


Beyond all the real dangers of the Internet, there is simply distraction. Often kids use the computer with the pretense of doing homework, when in reality they are doing their homework, having multiple chat conversations, surfing the net, playing a game, and listening to and downloading music all at the same time. You can easily see why it is hard to get kids to finish their homework and actually learn something when they are dividing their time and attention by so many different things.


Open communication is extremely important. The real dangers of the Internet need to be discussed and your child’s possible frustration and resistance to these conversations may need to be addressed as well. Open dialogue is necessary and despite your fear or aggravation, your desire to express your anger should not extend to the point that your child is afraid to talk to you if something does happen.

Setting Boundaries

You and your children, after discussing the dangers and benefits of the Internet, should set some clear boundaries. Keep in mind that boundaries may differ depending on the age of the child, their level of maturity and their willingness to communicate uncomfortable subjects with you. If your child is unenthusiastic about having open conversations with you, they are certainly less likely to talk you if something happens to them online.

Beyond family or individual rules, there are some general guidelines for all Internet users:

  • Never give out personal information, including name, address, school or employment, telephone or cell number, personal email address or pictures to someone you do not know personally.
  • Never respond to solicitations or comments that make you uncomfortable.
  • Never make arrangements to meet someone you have met online. Adults who want to meet people they have met online, should arrange to meet in a public place and with current friends.
  • Never believe everything you read in a profile, on a message board or in a chat. Often, people pretend or role–play, either for entertainment, to hide or for other ulterior motives.
  • Never submit your personal information or credit card data to an unsecured site.

Outside of the general guidelines, there are other things to consider for your children, such as:

  • How long, when and under what circumstances can your children use the Internet?
  • What sites are they allowed to visit?
  • What content is off limits?
  • What kind of communication is allowed, e–mail, chat, IM, etc?
  • What are your kid’s privacy rights?
  • What should your child do if they experience something that makes them uncomfortable?
  • What happens if the rules are violated?

After you have established some well–understood guidelines, you should still monitor your kid’s Internet activity. Although it is normal for kids to get into a little mischief, such as chatting with their friends when they are supposed to be doing homework, they could also be getting into real trouble. Here are a few warning signs that your kid could be getting into a real dilemma:

  • Excessive Internet use
  • You find pornography or explicit material on their computer
  • Your child receives mysterious phone calls, emails or text messages
  • Your child receives mail or gifts from someone you don’t know
  • They are withdrawn, anti–social or avoid talking with you
  • Your kid quickly changes the screen when you come in the room
  • You child uses an Internet account that is not their own
  • They cannot or will not tell you about their online acquaintances
  • They cut school to get online or sneak on in the middle of the night

Keep in mind, that even if your kid is a willing participant in an exploitive situation, they are still a minor and the victim in the situation. Teens have been known to post provocative images of themselves or initiate explicit conversations, so it is important to keep conversations open and watch for self–esteem, anger or behavioral issues that could be expressed in dangerous ways.

What if exploitation or a child pornography situation occurs?

Unfortunately, odds are your child and even you will be approached online. However, if your kids know how to deal with these situations, it should not escalate into anything. In terms of the law, the following things should be reported:

  • your child has been sexually solicited by someone who knows that the child is under the age of 18
  • your child has received sexually explicit images from someone who knows the child is under the age of 18
  • your child or anyone in the household has received child pornography

If any of the above occur, do not erase anything on your computer and contact your local law enforcement or CyberTipline at (1–800–843–5678). If your child has been engaging in a cyber relationship, it is a good idea to seek outside help. Family and teen counselors cannot only help you address the occurrence but also esteem issues that may have attributed to the child’s need to seek such a relationship.


Fortunately, there is some excellent and helpful software available to help make monitoring kids online activities a little easier. Nothing can replace caring parenting and open communication, but a little extra help is always nice. Here are some software options for parents:

Parental Time Control Software

This software can help parents regulate how much time a kid can spend on the computer and what programs they can access. Most programs allow parents to set specific time limits for time spent online, playing their games or accessing their email or chat. You can also regulate times that you are not home or late at night. Many programs also enable parents to block inappropriate websites and certain keyword searches and lock down the control panel so kids can’t make system changes.

Filtering Software

Filtering programs actually block content, websites, pop–ups, explicit images, chats, newsgroups, file sharing and more. Keep in mind that it cannot catch everything, so guidelines still need to be established. Many programs will let you set an approved list of applications, so a child can have access to homework applications like Word, Excel, Microsoft Student and approved websites, without allowing free use of the Internet.

Monitoring Software

Monitoring is a bit different from filtering. Generally monitoring software logs activity as opposed to blocking content. Many offer remote access, so you can receive, through email, a log of your kids’ online activities and approve or disprove the sites they are trying to visit or files they want to download. Monitoring programs can save screen shots as well as keystrokes and passwords. Most sources agree that you should tell your kids that you are monitoring their activity, so it is not a secret that could cause conflict later.


The best software, although a great assistant, cannot replace good parenting. Get to know your kids’ Internet preferences, the sites they visit and games they play. Know and manage their email accounts, visit their MySpace pages often and keep track of their user names. Be leery of online friends. Talk to them, become familiar with their favorite websites and discuss your concerns over content and safety. Free, unmonitored Internet use and downloading is never a good idea. Set firm, understood rules and install some good programs to back up your regulations. Always keep your kid’s computer out in the open and with a big monitor to make it hard to hide content and keep kids from trying to sneak around in sites they shouldn’t or spending all their time chatting instead of doing homework. Block computer use during late night hours and when you are not home. Peak over their shoulder often and talk to them about controversial material, what is in the news, jokes they see, words or phrases they do not understand.

There are many subjects to think about and discuss with your children, the Internet is an unlimited, invaluable source of knowledge, communication and entertainment but should be constrained by acknowledged guidelines, caution and helpful control programs.


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Teaching Your Kid to Ride Kids Bicycles

Even though parents buy the most appropriate kids bicycles for their kids, they take less care in realizing that they still need to teach the kid to ride his two-wheeled bicycle.

Talking about teaching your kids how to ride kids bicycles, the most important thing that comes to our mind is balance.Making your kids do a few exercises that help their balancing act is very crucial especially in the early stages. A kid needs to feel the balance while riding his bicycle, so select a bicycle whose seat can be adjusted so that your kid's feet can touch the ground when he sits on the saddle. Removing the training wheels will also help him to master riding a bicycle faster.Ask your kid to lift his feet off the ground for about one inch and ask him to scoot along or down the hill. Ask him to do it slowly. Your kid can put his feet down if he is scared when the bicycle goes down too fast. You should not hold the bicycle as it will cause fake balance, yet you may want to run beside it to avoid your kid from falling.

Whenever your kid has better balance, ask him to use the pedals.

While coasting down, ask your kid to put his feet on the pedals and ask him to begin pedaling after several runs. Repeat this step several times until your kid is comfortable with his bicycle. Then, ask your kid to move up any slope. When your kid is comfortable pedaling, you can raise the saddle a bit higher and help him do more pedaling exercises.

When teaching your kid how to turn, ask him to slow his bicycle before he turns around the corner. Remind him to keep looking through the turn.

When teaching your kid how to stop, remind him to use both brakes all at once. Using only the front brake possibly launches your kid over the handlebars, while using only the rear brake possibly makes the bicycle skid.

Remember to always ask your kid to put on a helmet whenever he is riding a bicycle. If it is necessary, put the elbows and knees protectors to avoid your kid from the scars when he falls.

Wearing long pants and shoes can also add protections to your kid since first learning cannot guarantee a crash free. Motivate and cheer your kid as he rides his bicycle and enhance his confidence. After all, your kid is not guaranteed to be able to ride his bicycle on his first time learning.

Be cautious and patient right through; it's just a matter of time.

A Discussion on Kids Injury Compensation Claims

Whoever you may be, you cannot disagree with the fact that kids are always the purest and the most precious form of a human being. Whatever the parents earn, the most common objective lies in earning more for the betterment of their kids' future.

The parents always try to see their kids happy and want to make all the efforts to keep their kids and children out of danger. This is the reason that kids are always kept under attentive guidance of the parents. But sometimes you cannot disapprove destiny.

Certain times kids are faced with accidents and as a result get severely injured. When a kid is faced with accidents, the fault is definitely that of the person responsible for it. Kids are innocent ones and have little understanding ability to become cautious, but the accused personnel should be more careful before getting the kids injured.

There are various kids injury compensation claims policies available in the market that help in getting back the money as compensation from the accused person. The kids injury compensation claims policies are such cunningly build that if the accused person fails to give back the money claimed for compensation (according to certain policies), then there is a provision for even a jail sentence for the accused person for a period of several months or years.

Some of the notable kids compensation claims have been a result due to the following factors:

Suffering of kids due to maltreatment by child specialist physicians.

Extreme torture to kids in school by tutors or management authorities.

Kids facing with vehicle accidents due to fault by other human beings.

Severe accidents that result in losing the life of kids.

But, before making the kids compensation claims it is necessary to consult some experienced kids claims solicitors.

These kids' claims solicitors are those effective lawyers who have years of experience dealing with these claim settlements and policies related to kids injuries. So, naturally they can provide the best and most effective solution in regard to kids' injury compensation claims.

Nowadays, there are various facilities that involve making the kids compensation claims online, through the internet facility. The online facility provides various articles related to proper procedure about kids compensation claims. The online facility also has options for live chat sessions with experienced kids Compensation Claims solicitors. These solicitors guide the parents through proper procedure and steps in order to claim the compensation. This online procedure is highly accepted among parents, as it saves a lot of time and energy and most importantly money while going out to search for efficient kids claims lawyers.

Kids Halloween Parties - Not Frightful But Fun

It's entirely possible that Halloween might be your child's favorite holiday. Aside from Christmas there really isn't a bigger deal to a young kid. There is so much surrounding Halloween that is fun and exciting for all kids, both the big and the small. Having a Halloween costume party is a great way to get your child into the spirit of Halloween and can actually be a lot more fun than even trick or treating. Certainly it will give your child a chance to celebrate in and show off his/her costume. Which brings me to my next point.

Oftentimes a lot of effort goes into coming up with an idea and creating a Halloween costume. If you save it's use exclusively for trick or treating on Halloween night you might be disappointed. Halloween nights are dark and cold and our kids are often forced to bundle up in coats on top of their costumes. All that thought and effort and they are trick or treating in a coat! That's just how it is sometimes. Maybe there is a better way to show off that costume.

Consider having a really great Halloween party for your child and his good friends. This will give your child and all his buddies a great chance to really go all out with their costume choice as well as have an opportunity to really show it off to their friends. Of course this isn't the only reason to celebrate Halloween with a party. Food, games and fun complete the event and make it very memorable and special. It's also a safe way to celebrate that will be enjoyed by all.

I've compiled a list of tips for you so that your child's Halloween party can be as successful and fun as possible!

Send invitations. You have to be a little bit careful about when you have your party when it comes to Halloween. There are many kids out there who will not want to substitute trick or treating for any party, so if you plan your party during prime trick or treating time (Halloween night) you make lose some of your attendee's. Sometimes it's better to plan your party for the weekend prior to Halloween or perhaps even in the late afternoon the day of Halloween as a prelude to trick or treating so that there is still time to go house to house for candy afterward.

Once you have the perfect time in mind for you party, it's time to compose your guest list. Obviously a lot of factors go into deciding how many kids to invite. Consider first of all the age of the kids. If you are inviting very young children, you may want to keep your party to a small group. The other factor you want to consider is what type of activities you are planning and how many kids will fit in to your game plan. Obviously you will want to think about the amount of space you have available for kids, as well as costumes along with all of their props. You will want to plenty of room for any games that you will be playing during the party.

Keep your invitations simple, but do something appropriate for Halloween. You can obtain Halloween-themed paper that is simple to put in your computer printer for an easy invitation. If your kids are old enough, you may want to enlist their services and have them make and address the invitations themselves. In any case, make this one more fun Halloween activity that will build their excitement and enthusiasm! Make sure your invites include all the basic information needed for the party. Date, time, and location of the party should be included. Make sure you include the fact that this is a costume party and the kids should come dressed up. Don't forget this information-especially if your party isn't on Halloween. If a child inadvertently didn't dress up they would feel very excluded and you don't want that to happen. Mention in the invitation that there will be prizes awarded for various costumes. This will get the kids motivated to put some extra effort into the experience.

Decorate! Simple decorations are often the best. A bag of fake "cobweb" can go very far to create a scary ambience. Add small plastic spiders, of course. Obvious other decorations would include lit Jack-o-lanterns and spooky lighting. You can swap out some of your normal light bulbs for colored bulbs for a creepy effect. Put Halloween themed tablecloths on the tables where your kids will eating/playing games. Simple crepe paper streamers in black, orange and a little purple will make your party look more festive. These same streamers can be used to enhance your table settings as well and cost very little money. Your decorations do not have to be expensive or elaborate to be really fun and create a great Halloween atmosphere.

Have simple but great Halloween food. This is going to take a little bit of organization, but it doesn't have to be complicated. One of my favorite ideas for Halloween kid food is to have "make-it-yourself" Jack-O-Lantern style pizza. Kids love pizza, and if you have appropriate toppings (Cut-up pepperoni, olives, green pepper's, mushrooms, etc.) they can easily be assembled by the children as one of the party activities. Use ready-made pre baked pizza crusts, or you can even use English muffins to make smaller pizzas. Even fairly young children can do this with adult assistance. Of course you or another adult will want to be in charge of all cooking and making sure that the pizzas cool a bit before eating.

Another favorite Halloween party treat is the "Cup of Dirt." These can also be made by the kids if you don't mind a little mess, as they are easy to assemble and kids love to do this. You will need to have a bowl of pre-made chocolate pudding, crushed Oreo sandwich cookies and gummy worms. Have each child spoon pudding into a clear plastic cup, about 2/3 full. Add the crushed Oreo cookies on top. Garnish the pudding cup with gummy worms. These can be refrigerated for later, or the kids can just go ahead and eat them. It's that simple! This is Halloween treat is both yummy as well as fun.

Of course there are many more ideas for Halloween food that you can find. Talk to your kids and see what they come up with and be resourceful. Whatever you do keep it kid-friendly and simple-when it comes to food, sometimes less is more.

Play Fun Halloween Games. The most important game of the evening is going to center around the Halloween costumes and having the opportunity for the kids to show them off and win prizes. Have a costume parade if you like. Award prizes for many different categories, but I recommend having each child get a prize. You can invent new categories as you see what costumes have arrived in order to make this happen, but it's a nice touch for each kid to be rewarded for their costume efforts. Prizes can be simple, but make them Halloween-themed. A novelty store is a perfect place to go for these items.

Another games that is both traditional and fun is bobbing for apples, which involves trying to retrieve an apple out of a large bucket of water using your mouth only. Have a few towels handy to dry off wet faces! Another Halloween game that is hilarious for kids is the Mummy wrap game. Divide the kids up into partnerships or small groups. Each group will need to select which child will be the mummy. Using toilet paper and having a set time interval, each group will wrap the designated child into a toilet paper mummy. Give prizes at the end for the most creative mummy, etc. Make it fun and be sure to take pictures of this event afterward, the kids will love this!

As you can see, having a kids Halloween party needed be daunting or difficult. With a little planning and forethought you will not only be successful with your party but your kids will be thrilled that you did this for them as well. Halloween can and should be a very fun and memorable time for children as well as adults. Having a party is just one more way to ensure that the fun happens and also makes memories you will have for a lifetime! Xo J.

Destination Weddings With Kids: You Can Have The Best of Both Worlds

A Destination Wedding for the Whole Family: How to Give the Adults a Great Time, While Keeping The Kids Happy

You can keep everyone happy:

Never fear, there is an answer! There are many locations and places that you can have a destination wedding and cater to the adults, but still keep the kids happy. There are few steps you should take to help pick out the perfect location and destination for both the adults and children

Pick A Destination That Makes Sense:

Let's face it; the most important thing about a destination wedding is the location! That is why you have a destination wedding! It is important to think about a location that will be somewhat easy to get to. A location that has a lot of direct flight options is ideal, and a destination that requires more than one connection, I don't recommend if you are traveling with children. You also want to pick a location that is safe and has easy access to get to all of the events and activities that your group will be doing. For grandparents and small children, it is important to have easy transportation to the locations you will need for the rehearsal dinner, or welcome party, the wedding, and the after party, as well as any special events you will be asking your guests to attend.

Pick a Resort that meets both needs:

Once you think you have narrowed down a destination, then it will be time to figure out where should you and your guests stay. There are some important things to look for when you are trying to find a good resort to have your wedding at and involve children at the same time.

Find a Resort:

That has a great reputation for giving incredible adult amenities, as well as, specializing in what children want. Look for resorts that offer kid zones or kids clubs.

You should look for great "adult options", Great restaurants, fitness centers, spa treatments, large pool areas, and a great beach

Try to book a resort In a location that allows some easy and safe excursions that are good for all ages and fitness levels. Some of your guests may want to just sit back on the beach and not go anywhere and that is OK too. Make sure the resort is large enough to handle all of your guests and has a good variety of kid and adult areas.

Look for the resorts that has great perks like a good variety of a la carte restaurants, 24hr room service, nightly entertainment, spa service, and, as I mentioned above, kids clubs or daily activities for the kids.

Some Activities Can Be Kid Free

Even with the kids at the resort, you can have certain parts of your wedding be without kids. Some brides prefer to have the ceremony and reception to be adult only, while the kids are in a kids club, or with a sitter. Some resorts, that do cater to children and adults, have their own child care system, professional nannies, or a child care service that the resort would recommend. It is good to let people know ahead of time, what you are requiring and how much it may cost, if you are going to request something like this. This will give your guests with children time to either save up the extra it may cost, or make arrangements to possibly bring a sitter with them. You are not obligated to pay for your guests child care, but if you can help, you will be a superhero to your friends.

Kids Party

Some resorts can set up a separate party for the children, while the adults are having their fun at the wedding reception. A kids party will include adult supervision from the resort, possibly some video game systems, movies, crafts, a pinata, a Dj for the kids music, and possibly even a clown. A Kids party is usually close to the adult reception, so that parents can quickly check on their kids if needed. Of course these are extra costs, and if you are requiring that kids go to the kids' party, then you may need to pay for that. Most parents will love the idea of having the kids at a separate party. They know that the kids are having fun and are safe, while they can relax and enjoy adult fun. Most parents will help chip in for a tip for the staff, and may even offer to help pay for it, just let them know in advance.

Including The Kids

It may be very important to you to include the kids in as much as possible. Obviously, if you are picking a destination wedding resort that includes kids, you do want the kids included in some of the activities. There are many different ways to include the kids in a destination wedding. You can:

Let some be in charge of throwing flower petals during the ceremony

Have some blowing bubbles during the ceremony

Have some read a special passage

Let some pass out wedding favors

Greeting your attendees

Taking photos (if old enough to do a decent job)

Let some remind your guests to sign the guest book.

There are many other roles and jobs you could include the kids in the ceremony with. Ask your wedding planner at the resort for help to find roles that will help the kids fit in the destination wedding ceremony. If kids are at the reception, you can set up some arts and crafts for them to help keep them engaged. You can also have a separate kids buffet set up with kid friendly foods, like hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese.

Blended Families

When getting married with each of your own children, you should definitely include them in the ceremony. When you are blending families, it is imperative that you have a time in the ceremony where the two families are coming together as one. I have seen some kids help fill a sand jar, where Mom and Dad, and all the kids help fill the Sand Jar together. It is also a nice touch to include the kids in your vows to each other.

Go With The Flow
The most important thing to remember is that when dealing with kids, you need to expect the unexpected. If you are the type that can't handle anything not going according to plan, than having kids a part of your ceremony may not be a good idea. Kids can be unpredictable, and you should think about your "plan B" in case the ring bearer is throwing a fit, or the flower girl is pouting and having a meltdown, just do your best to go with the flow. You may have to make some last minute changes based on how things are going. Remember, most people think kids are precious, especially when they may be acting on the fiesty side, or have fallen asleep during an important moment. You will be more bothered with it, than your guests will.

Still Not Sure?
Maybe you are on the fence about having children at your wedding, maybe you're okay with it. In the end, this is your wedding day and as the bride and groom, you will be setting the tone for the entire experience. Having a destination wedding designer guide you in choosing a locale that will be a reflection of who you are as a couple, plus give consideration to those with children, will ultimately allow you to have the wedding of your dreams. So, it is possible to have the best of both worlds, you just have to dig a little deeper!

Buying Personalized Kids Gifts

Giving gifts is an easy and wonderful way to make kids happy. Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially kids. It makes them feel special. But when you sit down to actually decide on buying a gift for a particular child, you can easily get confused as to what that kid might like or dislike, have or want and you can be at a loss.

One easy decision can make this very easy and that is to gift personalized kids gifts. Personalized presents are very effective in winning hearts and giving happiness, especially for kids.

Children love to see their names on their belongings. It gives them a sense of happiness, security and pride. Personalized gifts, whatever they maybe, are sure to win the receiver's approval and you can be certain that by gifting personalized kids gifts, you will be on the 'likes' list of the kid and his/her parents always.

What to Choose

Choosing a personalized gift can be easy if you can find out from general talk with the parents about the kid's behaviour and daily activities and what he/she loves to do. For instance if a child likes to play with knowledge improving toys, you can choose a jigsaw puzzle with his or her name on it or a set of building blocks with his/her name.

If you are not sure of his/her likes and dislikes, you can easily choose an object that the kid is sure to come in contact with daily, like personalized baby plates or mugs or even kids school bags and pencil boxes. This way you can be assured that your gift will be used regularly and that it will help the kid.

How to Choose

After you have decided on the object that you are going to personalize for gifting, you should try to find out his/her special interests. This knowledge will help you select the colour and pattern or design of the gift. Like if you know the child loves cartoons, you can select patterns like Mickey Mouse or Goofy. You can decide the colour of the gift to be the kid's favourite one if you know which one it is.

Personalized kids gifts are treasured and cherished by the family even after the kid is grown up. It is often kept as a memento to be smiled at later on in life. You must realize that therefore, it should be something good to see. It should have an appealing effect.

In case you are not able to find out the kid's preferences, you can play safe by choosing bright colours and by avoiding dull and gloomy ones. This is sure to work with most kids. You can also choose patterns like hearts or balloons that all kids love.

Special Thoughts

If you want your gift to be useful to the kid, you can put more thought to it and can help the parents bring up their kid easily. Kids usually make trouble while eating or drinking.

By gifting personalized baby plates or kid's plates, you can be sure that the child will eat up the food just to see his/her name on it! You can also gift personalized kids aprons and gloves. These will help the kid improve his hobbies like baking and gardening. This way, by giving personalized kids gifts, you will not only make him/her and the parents happy, but will also be active in helping the kid grow up!

Personalized Kids Clothing

Buying kids clothing is no easy task. Kids sizing is somewhat ambiguous. All manufacturers seem to make customized kids clothing. That means no two sizes are alike. In fact kids clothing is a lot like women's clothing. A 2T in one brand of kids clothing wear may be the same as a 3T in another's.

So if you buy your 2-year old toddler a 2T t-shirt in one brand it may or may not fit. You just can't count on sizing unless you try it on or you know your baby's exact height and weight and can compare.

As kids get a little bigger it's a lot easier to shop - and to take advantage of promotional kids clothing. Sales items are the latest and greatest thing when kids get older and the sizing starts to make more sense.

Kids Clothing - The Elementary Years

Kids start to take an active interest in what they wear around the time they start elementary school. Don't worry; you don't have to rush out and buy branded kids clothing yet. You can still get away with discounted wear. However, you can also still enjoy a few pieces of personalized kids clothing too. Do you sew? Your child will still enjoy a home knit sweater, at least during the early elementary years.

As your child enters middle school he or she will start expressing their likes and dislikes even more. Long gone are the days when pastel colors or bold primary colors were all you had to worry about when shopping.

NOW is the time when your child may start shunning promotional kids clothing in favor of a few major brand names. What do you do if you find buying kids clothing is breaking the bank?

Making Kids Clothing Affordable

Kids grow out of their clothing just as fast as they grow into their clothing. To help you pay for the cost of clothes, it often helps to buy second-hand. Many consignment shops sell promotional kids clothing for half the cost of new clothes at brand name department stores.

The best part? Many consignment shops or second-hand shops sell practically new kids clothing for a fraction of the cost of traditional retail outlets. You can even find a few gems - never before worn pieces of designer kids wear - if you search through the racks of clothing carefully.

If you don't want to spend hours doing this, have your child help you. Tell them if they really want to look cool then they have to do what it takes to find affordable kids wear. Most kids are more than willing to shop for kids clothing with you as they grow older, because they will want to veto certain items you select while eagerly accepting others.

You can also put your child on an allowance so they learn how to "earn" certain specialty items like that expensive pair of sneakers or customized jeans they want to wear. Never buy expensive kids clothing for just a season unless you have good reason because most kids will grow out of it before you blink an eye, unless you have a child that will grow into it the following season.