Electric Kid's ATV - The Kawasaki Monster Traction Captivates Imagination

The Kawasaki Quad electric kids ATV is a fast and tough looking ATV that resembles an adult ATV but is actually a kid's toys with built in safety features. Kids will certainly enjoy the fun that comes with riding this electric ATV for kids. This is a great toy that will fully engage the senses and motor skills of a child as he or she rides in the outdoors. This item is backed by the quality standards of Fisher-Price, the well-known toy manufacturer of this item. Besides the fast speed and realistic exterior, this kids electric ATV also includes power lock brakes and speed controls for added safety.

Electric Kids ATV - Kawasaki Monster Traction

Although there are many electric ATV for kids, this Kawasaki model comes in red simply rises above the crowd for its realism and power. When compared with the Batman kids electric ATV, the Kawasaki version has more speed and power. It comes highly recommended for more mature kids who have grown tired of toddler level kids ATVs.

This electric kids ATV is suitable for any kid within the range of 3 to 5 years, and a maximum weight of 65lbs. The Kawasaki ATV is sturdily built and has wheels with lots of traction so that it is suitable for use in rough terrains such as gravel, wet grass and mud. With this ATV, kids can feel the real experience of riding an ATV even going tough and wet terrains.

The ATV uses a single 12 volt battery to move it forward as well as in reverse. This model of electric ATV for kids gives the slightly more matured kids of 3 - 5 years old a better driving experience as compared to the entry level ATVs which are more suitable for the younger kids, runs on lower power and can only move in one way, forward.

Why Buy This Kids ATV

Comparing to the other electric ATV for kids from the same price point, parents will be wise to choose the Kawasaki for several reasons. First, this ATV is a 4 wheel model by Fisher-Price, a renowned toys manufacturer has the capability to maximize the speed of the ATV at 5mph. The ATV comes with 2 speed selections; 5 mph and a slower 2.5mph. When the kid is new to the machine and not accustomed to it yet, parents should turn off the faster speed selection. It is also important that at whatever speed, kids should not ride out of sight and away from the easy reach of an adult supervisor.

Second, the Kawasaki ATV has really good brakes and it easy for the kids to control. Other factors supporting this purchase are the fact that installation is extremely easy and the kid can enjoy the experience in no time. Parents should have no problem setting it up the machine as well.

In conclusion, those who have bought the Kawasaki electric kids ATV for their kids gave the ATV a 4.6 rating out of a maximum of 5. Many parents consider this machine a bargain for the price of around $200. The main positives of this machines are the features and because it is very sturdy, providing optimum protection for the kid. This electric ATV for kids is comparable or even better than some of the most expensive models out there.